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Extract from Report of Louis T. Reichers

Test Pilot, Re crash of UB-14, January 13,1935.

"The indicated air speed was 195 m.p.h. at the time it became essential for me to make a crash landing (Through maintenance neglect which caused control system failure). I flew the ship into the ground from about 200 ft. altitude and estimate the speed of contact at about 130 m.p.h. the right wing being nearly vertical and absorbing the first shock. This impact caused the airplane to cart wheel tearing off the engines and crashing the wings and tail group with the body tumbling through remained intact and no fuel leaked from the wing tanks.

It is my firm belief that the fact that the box-body strength of this type combined with the engines forward and the landing gear retracted saved myself and the engineer crew and had the cabin been fully occupied with passengers with safety belts properly attached, no passengers would have been injured.

This crash landing, in my opinion, is an extraordinary example of the crash safety that can be provided by the lifting body type of design."

next Signed: Louis T. Reichers*

* Later Colonel, Chief of Engineering Section, Air Transport Command.

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